9 Foods to Help you Eliminate Edema Quickly and Change the Swollen Body

9 Foods to Help you Eliminate Edema Quickly and Change the Swollen Body

You’re not fat, you’re just edema … What foods can eliminate edema? take a look at this article how it works for you.

1. Apple cider vinegar as a diuretic to eliminate edema

Pectin which can promote intestinal functioning and a acidification, an alkaline body is likely to cause edema, with apple cider vinegar to balance the body’s pH has a diuretic effect, resulting in weight loss effects.

2. Oatmeal eliminate edema

Oatmeal is also the preferred food to edema. Oatmeal is rich in cellulose and can increase the feeling of fullness, hence reduce the blood fat and cholesterol and the effects of edema goes off without saying. However, it’s best to eat oats which is cooked by you. Mixing oats and milk for breakfast, makes it a great nutrition diet for weight loss.

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3. Broccoli high in fiber helps to eliminate edema

If want to get rid off the symptoms of edema, the you should contribute to the body with vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and molybdenum, and other nutrients. Vitamin C is beneficial to the health of capillaries, which help alleviate the symptoms of edema, while the vitamin E can promote the body’s metabolism, increase metabolic rate and regulate hormone secretion, enabling the body to eliminate edema. Iron, molybdenum is also a good addition for edema, broccoli contains all of these nutrients. Also eating broccoli can prevent symptoms of constipation.

For slimming the edema you can eat the broccoli which resembles cauliflower, first wash it thoroughly and boil it under hot water, after appropriate cooking time add a salt as per taste, then serve it for dinner. While eating this cooked broccoli, you can consider incorporating eggs and meat food. Which perhaps increases the elimination of edema effectively. You can also use vegetable fried broccoli.

4. Banana anti-constipation

Banana is rich in potassium, potassium can help rid the body of sodium, edema and moisturizes the skin to improve the efficiency. Since bananas promotes a strong digestive function, it can help constipation and prevent stomach edema.

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Eliminate edema quickly
5. Barley

Barley can promote blood and water metabolism, because of it’s diuretic effect can eliminate edema and can also drain away excess water present in the body.

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6. Grapefruit tea to edema

Grapefruit diet works well. Grapefruit is low in calories, while grapefruit contains a lot of potassium. Potassium helps your body to discharge excess water and eliminate edema. The grapefruit meat and put them in a juicer, and add a small amount of water to make it a juice. If it tastes sour, you can add the right amount of honey, to increase taste and to strengthen the detoxification of intestine.

7. Watermelon Super diuretic effect

Watermelon is slightly sweet and mid cold in nature, which is helpful to our heart, stomach, lung, kidney, with refreshing diuretic effect during summer, and it is said to be a good edema fruit.

8. Melon flushes body wastes

Of sweet light cold, helps into the lungs, stomach and intestines, small intestine, urination swelling, quench the thirst. Contains vitamin B1 and fiber to help bowel movement and emptying of waste and toxins.

9. Mushrooms eliminate edema

Mushroom is rich in protein, helps blood circulation, eliminates edema, mushrooms are best in soup to absorb better.

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