How to Get Rid Of Dry Mouth

How to Get Rid Of Dry Mouth

For those who are experiencing the dry mouth for the first time, following may be some of the reasons why this is occurring.


The most obvious answer in what causes dry mouth is the lack of water in the body.

Wrong Diet

What causes dry mouth in terms of food eaten includes anything salty, sweet, acidic or involving caffeine. Salty food types usually dry out the mouth while acidic liquids and those laced with caffeine trigger frequent urination. Sweet food types are normally banned from people with dry mouth due to how dangerous they are to the teeth. Since the lack of saliva makes it easier for cavities to multiply, sweet foods will only make this work. Keeping those in mind, people with dry mouth are advised to eat food types that are soft, moist, spicy, bland or in liquid form. The liquid helps moisten the mouth while spicy food usually triggers the production of more saliva. However, too much spicy food can also trigger irritation so don’t take too much of it.

How to Get Rid Of Dry Mouth Naturally

1. Water

This seems to be the most obvious yet rarely considered of all the dry mouth remedies. After all, dry mouth results from lack of moisture in the mouth and the best way to get this back is through water. Make sure to drink the required eight glasses a day – perhaps even more. For effective dry mouth remedies, try keeping a bottle of water on hand every day. Even ice cubes would work and are even better as this makes a person feel as though they are “chewing” something.

2. Chewing Gum

Speaking of chewing gum, the constant movement of the item in the mouth usually facilitates the production of saliva. For this reason, chewing gums are quite possibly the most fun option for most dry mouth remedies. However, it is advised that the chewing gum used as a dry mouth remedy be sugar-free.

3. Flavored Drinks and Smoking

Coffee, alcohol and acidic drinks also worsen dry mouth conditions. For those who tend to drink more of these items in a single day than water would find dry mouth problems to the point where it might even wake them up at night. Dry mouth remedies for this kind of root cause is to simply stop too much intake of the drinks and focus more on consuming water. Smoking is also a known trigger of dry mouth not to mention a host of other diseases so try to temper this habit.

4. Prescription Drugs

People who started having dry mouth after being under a specific prescription might actually be reacting badly to the medicine. If this is the case then the remedy would be a simple matter of changing the medicine. Try asking for a different prescription from the doctor citing dry mouth problems and they should be able to provide something better.

5. Humidifiers

Dry mouth remedies include humidifiers that should be switched on during nighttime. This type of solution is possible if a person is experiencing dry mouth due to a wrong sleeping and breathing pattern. More specifically, they tend to breathe through their mouth rather than their noise, therefore drying out the area. A humidifier will prevent this from happening.

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Of course, these aren’t the only dry mouth remedies available today. In most cases, dry mouth occurs because of something a person is doing rather than what they are not doing. For example, individuals who eat salty food often or use a specific type of mouthwash might be prone to dry mouth problems. Hence, dry mouth remedies basically stem from the original cause of the condition. Visiting the doctor for more powerful dry mouth remedies is also recommended especially those who have a chronic condition.


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