Lemon Juice to Remove Blackheads

Lemon Juice to Remove Blackheads

After the 20-year-old, you think blackheads unknowingly produced it? In fact, the generation of blackheads is just not enough relevant and daily cleaning another oily skin is also easy to grow due to the large pores blackheads when after blackheads generate, we should immediately take the appropriate measures, Here are some of the easy methods for removal of blackheads using lemon juice, give it a try.

#1 In a bowl add equal parts of rose water and lemon juice. Apply the mixture with a cotton ball and leave on for half an hour. Wash your face. Repeat every two weeks.

#2 Using lemon juice: This is a home remedy for pimples to do every day, for at least a week, before going to bed every night. Apply fresh lemon juice on the face, and in the morning is to wash your face with a little hot water. This method will help get rid of any excess fat from the face without causing dryness. Do this often to get rid of pimples.

#3 Lemon egg surface covered: Take a little baking soda and egg yolk mix, add 12 drops of lemon juice, mix well and apply to the face, wash after 15 minutes.
Lemon Juice and Egg for Blackheads

#4 A tablespoon of peanut oil mixed with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice is needed to prevent formation of blackheads and pimples.

#5 You put your hand in a small amount of salt or sugar (this will also serve to soften the skin), and lime juice with this will give a gentle massage with upward circular motions all over your face until dissolve a little salt or sugar, you leave it for 10 minutes or until the lemon dry, this can be done once or twice a week according to your skin type, if it is too dry you can do it every fortnight or every month according to how you feel, I recommend you do it at night since the lime stain if it hits you the Sun.


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