What not to Eat When Having a Cough

What not to Eat When Having a Cough

Foods to avoid during cough in pregnant women, children and adults.

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, pregnant women’s resistance gets lower, and more vulnerable to the impact of the external environment. So it is not recommended for pregnant women to give antibiotics to treat coughs, so should pay more attention to diet. SO try to reduce or avoid eating spicy food below:

One of the reasons for coughing is food allergies. This type of cough, regardless of whether you eat any food, your body will be considered as allergens, causing allergy symptoms. So even if you are not allergic to shrimp, it should be minimized as it brings excitement.

Avoid coconut and coconut products, although it is very beneficial to your body. However, if the cough is caused by asthma, it is best not to eat coconut, because it will affect liver function, similarly should not drink the sugar cane juice.

During cough, you should not eat cold food, iced or cold, very cold because the body will hurt the lungs and cause coughing worse.

Pregnant women not only should stay away from tobacco smoke, should also not smoke. Because tobacco smoke has many toxic chemicals, which include: carcinogens, tar, carbon oxides, nicotine, which are detrimental to the human body in many organs, especially to the lungs and throat. So if you have a cough, stay away from it as much as possible from its stimulation.

Avoid fatty, sweet and spicy food:

Eating more fat, sweet and spicy food in the diet will produce internal heat, which aggravate the coughing. In addition, we should not eat fried foods. Fried foods will increase the burden on the stomach, sputum, and makes hard to recover from coughing.

Do not take sweet milk products, which makes the mucus in the throat fixed.

Should avoid drinking coffee and alcohol, and mainly caffeinated drinks as it will stimulate for urine to pass often, in order to allow fluid consumption.

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